Core Groups

Besides our Sunday morning worship gatherings, our church’s community and discipleship life takes place in a more intimate way at our various “Core Groups” (small groups of eight to ten families which gather in local communities for the purpose of fellowship, prayer, mutual accountability, and study around the Word). We encourage all of our members to take part in their designated Core Group, and new members are gladly welcomed.

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Kid’s Church

Sunday mornings beginning at 9:45 with a special time of discipleship aimed at ministering in a special way to the many children both of our own congregation and of the surrounding communities. We serve a little snack, color, sing songs, and then gather around for memory verses, and a Bible lesson.

Good News Club

Beechwood is proud to partner with C.E.F. of Greenville as we seek to do our part to reach the children of our community with the Gospel.


World Worship Background

Global Missions

Here at Beechwood, we are convinced by sacred Scripture that the spread of the Gospel not only at home but also around the world is part of our Christ-given mission. For that reason we are actively engaged in sending missionaries and supporting national missionaries prayerfully and financially. We encourage all of our people to respond to God’s call for laborers in the fields of the world, either by going themselves or by giving to those so called.

Local Outreach

Locally, Beechwood partners with the Greenville Baptist Association with whom we work to serve the church and reach the world with the gospel through Reaching (the GBA’s global missions focus), Revitalizing (our effort to renew ministry works which are shrinking away),and Reproducing (our Church-planting arm). We believe that in working together with other like-minded, gospel-centered Churches, we can do much, much for the sake of God’s Kingdom than ever we could working on our own.